In Other Words 2 - Book

In Other Words 2 - Book


Through prose, poetry, drawing and photography In Other Words 2 is a continuation of a collection of urgent reflections, created by artists exploring their hopes and fears at a time of global crisis. It is a clarion call for change from a group rich in wisdom, shared experience, and what it means to be marginalised in 2022.


Aby Watson, Amy Pennington, Ashleigh Williams, Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana, Darren Pritchard, David Sheppeard, Dinis Machado, Dominic Johnson, Emilyn Claid, Estabrak, Fado Bicha, Funmi Adewole, Gabriella Davies, Greg Wohead, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Jack Ky Tan, Jess Thom, Kat Hawkins, Lynn Lu, Marikiscrycrycry, Monique Jackson, Oozing Gloop, Pankaj Tiwari, Paul Kindersley, Ren Neoh, Ricardo Guimarães, Rieko Whitfield, Robert Softley Gale, Sam Metz, Samra Mayanja, SERAFINE1369, Simone Yasmin, Subira Joy, Sulaiman R. Khan, Symoné, Syowia Kyambi, Tara Fatehi, Tia-Monique Uzor, Toke Broni Strandby, Valerie Asiimwe Amani, Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Welly O’Brien

The artistic content of In Other Words 2 extends beyond this physical book. We recognise that not all our audience will access the book through the text and visual contributions alone, as such we highly recommend everyone visits LINK for the audio described version, our aim is not to privilege one version and to acknowledge that they each offer access to the artwork for a wide range of audiences.

This book is co-curated by Kate Marsh, Harold Offeh and Xavier de Sousa and published by Metal with financial support from Necessity.

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In Other Words - Book
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