Metal New Artist Network - Anvil Zine

Metal New Artist Network - Anvil Zine


Made up of 16 submissions from early career artists from across the UK, Anvil showcases the work of artists within the Metal New Artist Network. Together they share advice, motivation and/or provocations about the reality of starting an arts career.

Featuring artworks by Hannah Moshtael, Sam Slattery, Laura Skinsley, Sarah Judd, Becky Bone, Erika Cann, Keeley Robinson, Lauren Kendrick, Carole Bouvier, Adrien Chatelain, Isa Bascuñana, Sarah Weights, Yasmin Begum, Fae Ford, Sophie Lau, Sam Willis.

Anvil was pulled together by zine producer, maker, and curator, Arden Fitzroy. Arden is an actor, writer-poet, producer, and facilitator, who believes in experimentation and play.

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